Five Major Factors to Consider When to Buy or Rent a Boom Lift

Construction is a challenging industry. Companies need to find advantages over other competitors, and they need to do it fast. In the construction, companies always need Heavy equipment to do the job. That equipment can be small to large. One of them is Boom lift. Boom lift gives you an aerial platform to work at hGenie Boom Lift on Rentaleight.


Here are the five major factors to consider when to buy or rent a Boom Lift.

1). The frequency

The first factor, how much frequently are you going to need that boom lift? The frequent of time is essential. If the frequency is below of your need, you should consider renting it. In a different case, if you are going to need boom lift for a long time, at different places. Than owing a one is undoubtedly a good idea. You are thinking why, well let’s see you have a rental agency from where you rent the boom lift. What if you got into an emergency situation? In this need of the hour, they don’t have it, well it’s going to affect your business. On the other hand, if you don’t frequently use the book lift. You should consider renting it. It will save you money for short terms.

2). Saving space

Well, these machines are really big. Before buying, you should definitely have a place to keep them safe, and in good condition. Since space is expensive anywhere, renting is a good option. But if you have space, which can hold the machine quality better. Buying is your option.

3). Upgrade

Innovation is driving the market. It’s the same with the boom lift. When you rent it, you can always the ask for the latest available in the market. But When you own, it can be difficult to upgrade. Up to date machine always save for the business. It can be regarding money or time.

4). Trying different lifts

When you are in business, you have to try different things to understand, what works, where. It goes same for a Boom Lift. Depending upon the terrain, space, you would need different kinds of boom lifts. That’s why renting can be a good option. You can try and see, what works, what doesn’t. It is also necessary to understand what kind of accessories different boom lift models have to offer. So you can rent the next one according to the need. But If you know your work, have an idea about the requirements. You should consider of owing it.

5). Facing the competition

Let’s be honest here, your client will always be curious to know, what kind of equipment you will be using for the work? , If you have the latest equipment, you will have no problem. But if your client has an idea about these machines, their specifications. Not having the equipment according to client need, Than it can create problems. Renting will always get ahead you in competitions. Why, because you can hire the latest. It will give you an edge over the competitors.


Popular Aerial & Boom Lift Brands and Models in 2018

Which brand you should go for? when you need to do an aerial lift job. It is extremely important to know the popular brands in this area for selecting the right one for you.


Here goes the list.

Haulotte Group

Haulotte group have its origins from France. In 2008, they purchased  Bil-JaxInc, Another aerial lift company. They have various range of aerial works platforms, which helps to boost productivity. Haulotted Group armada includes lightweight lifts, electric scissor lifts, and boom lifts.

To ease the job of Maintenance work and inside a warehouse, The group has launched The star 13. The star 13 has a weight capacity of 508 Pounds. The height is about  5 feet 9 inches when it is packed. The platform height is 12 feet 6 inches.

The star 13 makes the operations and transport easy.


The MEC is in business for more than 40 years. Their product line ranges from Scissor lift, boom lift, utility lifting machines. Their lifts are designed for high-end performance, uplifting productivity.

Their boom lift, Titan Boom 60-S  is a beast. Combing the wide scissor lift with telescopic boom can host the elevate the worker with their equipment up to 60 feet. The weight capacity is around 1000 Pounds with the 4 personnel and equipment.

For outside work, MEC offers 2659ERT, It is a mid-size lift for rough terrain. The weight capacity is around 100o Pound, holding up to 3 personal and equipment.


Founded in 1969, JLG mission was to improve the construction industry in the 60s. With their innovation, they have become one of the most popular aerial lift brands in the world. JLG manufactures, Drop deck trailers, Electric boom, Scissor lift, and telehandlers.

For complex buildings, where space is limited, JLGpresented  450AJ. An Articulating boom lift, which can reach up to 45 feet vertically and 25 feet horizontally.

So these are the few popular brands in the Aerial work platform and boom lift.


Truck-Mounted Boom Lift Rental Market

An aerial lift is essential when it comes to doing the work at heights. There are many different models according to the need. It can help to perform a variety of jobs. A boom lift is required, when you need a working platform at a higher place. Whereby normal means you cannot do the work.

The investment in public infrastructure is increasing, so the rental market for such lifts is increasing day by day.

So Here is the list of few factors before renting it.

Understanding the need- The important thing for a contractor is to understand the need for the job. What kind of space will there be?, How many people are going to be there on the platform. What type of equipment will they use? Their weight and number also are significant.

Understanding the need will save you a lot of time.

Information – Before renting, make sure you have all the information about the job. At what height you are going to work?. How much for each day is going to be available? , What kind of terrain there is? All these little details matter a lot. So have a close look at these things before renting.

If you oversight these tiny details, it may cost you more in the future.

Price – There are different companies in the market, who give these machines on rent, So before going to particular, you should always check what is the price that the competition is going to quote?

Negotiations help to get the latest information about the requirements as well as to save money.

Reviews- Before renting from an agency you should always go for a review checking of that agency. You can check online or ask someone in the market to give an insight into their work.

So, these are some important factors before renting a truck-mounted boom lift.

Why you need Truck mounted boom lift.

Height – These lifts helps to work at heights, which can range from 18meters to 70 meters.

Heavy duty– They are also suitable for heavy duty works.

Sites location– If the work is in multiple locations. Due to their mobility, they can work on numerous sites.

Quality Checks before taking Used Boom Lifts Kept for Sale

Boom lifts are important equipment used for working on elevated aerial platforms, and they come in various categories based on the customer needs. Once you have decided to buy a used boom lift from a reputed boom lift supplier for your construction project, ensure you are taking all the necessary steps to get hold of the right equipment, which is worth the amount of money you are going to spend. It is always advisable to visit the dealer directly along with your operator and inspect the boom lifts in close proximity.

Performing the following quality checks before finalizing on your used boom lift will help in avoiding unnecessary expenses in the later stage.

Quality Checks before taking Used Boom Lifts Kept for Sale

Check the engine

If there is trouble with the engine, it keeps getting worse with the engine’s usage. If you hear unusual cracking noises and clunks while the engine is operated, it is an indication that the engine is not well maintained.

Is the reach perfect?

Check if the boom lift can extend to its maximum height and length. Request a worker to board the bucket and then check the functionality as checking with live weights will help in identifying the faults better.


Well maintained hydraulics

If there are too many jerks or surges when the boom lift is operated, then you might have to have a closer look at the hydraulic pipes for cracks, puncture or dark shiny stains. If these ruptures are left unattended, they will gradually expand and collapse when the boom lifts are in use. Check all the terminal joints and seal for leaks.

Structural integrity

Check the boom lifts by operating the arms and buckets in all possible dimensions. See if there are any metal cracks or weld separations in the frame corners. When the boom lift is overloaded or bumped more often, then the structure gets compromised. If there are any misalignments, check how major or minor they are and work out your finances accordingly.

User modifications

Some of the users might have modified their boom lifts by changing the bucket walls or railings to match their needs. The equipment might be cut and welded accordingly. Before you purchase such used boom lifts, ensure these modifications does not affect your project requirements.

Measure your requirements

Calculate your requirements carefully before selecting your boom lift category. Check the areas where these boom lifts will be navigating more than often. If required, measure the doorways, overhead clearances, etc.

It is advisable to go for JLG or Genie boom lifts if you would want the equipment to work on a longer run. ABC infra has professionals who can check on the conditions of these used boom lifts and can help in finalizing the right boom lifts for your work purpose.

Different Types of Boom Lifts Used in Construction Industry

More productivity at a lesser time is often considered as an essential criterion in the construction industry, and the equipment used in these projects usually achieves this. Boom lifts are one such machinery, which is used by construction workers to help them reach aerial elevating work platforms. Instead of building scaffolding at the construction sites, one can use boom lifts to complete the tedious work process with ease.

Instead of buying boom lifts (which can be a costly affair), one can easily rent boom lifts to get their construction projects done. ABC infra makes this task easier by renting the boom lifts at a much reasonable cost in the market.

Boom lifts are otherwise known as man-lifts or aerial lifts. There are different types of boom lifts that are used to get work done easily in areas where height is ‘a major constraint.’

Boom Lift rental

Bucket trucks

Bucket trucks, otherwise known as cherry pickers, are mostly used to cut the branches of trees at the construction sites. This equipment has a crate where a worker can operate the controls to help in elevating or lowering the bucket, which is found in the edge of a long extendable arm.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Articulated Boom Lifts, otherwise known as Knuckle lifts, are used for maintenance purposes, such as electrical or plumbing. This equipment helps the workers to reach the ‘hard-to-reach spots’ because of its flexible, extendable arm and a turntable at the base of the machine. They can be used in rugged landscape too.

Scissor Lifts

Though this type of boom lifts has limited usage in other industries, they have been found to be extremely useful in the construction industry. They are used for aerial light fixtures (higher ceiling), transferring heavy loads in small proportions, etc. The cross-brace like structure helps in reaching the high spots and provides the workers a safe and stable footing grip.

Telescoping Boom Lifts

This type of boom lift has one long straight extendable arm, which helps to reach the maximum height with a bucket (one worker’s space) at the end of the arm. The workers mostly use the telescoping boom lifts during unfavorable atmospheric conditions.

ABC Infra helps the construction industry by renting out these heavy vehicle equipment, which are carefully maintained by highly skilled professionals to ensure the safety of the workers at the site.

Hanging Festive Lights & Decoration with the Help of Manlift Rentals

Manlifts refer to cranes that help in elevating people vertically. This is done to help them reach great heights to carry out specific tasks.  These lifts are used in the construction industry as well as factories. However, it can be put to many other uses such as the hanging of lights.

On occasion of festivals, everybody wishes to hang colorful lights to ring in the festive spirit. But it can get quite difficult to carry out the task, especially if the building or tree is quite high.

In such a case, it is a good idea to use a ladder. However, a ladder can prove to be quite tedious, as you will have to climb and dismount every time you finish covering a particular area.  To solve the issue, you can make use of a manlift. The manlift can be operated from the ground and moved around to convenience the person hanging the lights. Since you will be using it on a temporary basis, here are some criteria to consider before renting a manlift.

Hanging Festive Lights with Manlift


You will have to consider the time that you will be borrowing the manlift for. As you know, you might not need it for any more than a few hours and so, must look for a place that lends you the lift for a specified time frame.


The next step is to consider the quality of the lift. It is best to settle for a good quality lift that is new and free from rust and loose hinges. You must do a quality check before renting out the machine.


Price is the next criteria to consider. As you know, the price for renting a lift can vary depending on the quality of the machine.

These form the various criteria to consider before renting a manlift to put up decorative lights.

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Scissor Lift Rental for Media Aerial Photography

A photograph can speak a thousand words. That statement is not an exaggeration, as a picture can emote a lot of feelings.  Although, a camera is not the only requisite to take a great picture, it also depends on the height and angle at which it is taken.

To help with this cause, it is important to make use of a lift that can aid in clicking pictures from a great height. Better known as aerial photography, the photographer is elevated to a great height using a scissor lift.

Scissor Lift

Here are the criteria to consider before renting a scissor lift to serve this particular purpose.


First and foremost, you have to check the maximum height that the lift can reach. You have to be able to adjust it so that you can take the pictures from the desired height. Most of these lifts come with wheels thereby allowing you to set the height and also the position of the lift.


The price of the lift is the next quality to consider. As you know, it is best for you to rent it as compared to buying one since in doing so you can save a lot of money. The company renting the lift will attach a price to the lift based on its brand and quality. You can pick one depending on the utility that you wish to avail from the lift.


It is important for you to settle for a good quality lift. You have to be able to carry out the activity with ease without worrying about tumbling off. You can do a quick inspection before settling on one.

These form the qualities to consider before settling for a scissor lift.

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Scissor lift Buying or Renting Guide

Scissor Lift


Scissor lifts are some of the most useful equipments that are important for the upkeep of a company’s working standards. These machines are used for a whole host of reasons including stacking pellets, transporting equipment, boxes, etc. They work on a simple hydraulic mechanism. The forked ladder expands and contracts’ thereby, raising and lowering the ladder as per need and convenience. This device is easy to operate as compared to a conventional ladder.

Buying Vs. Renting 

If you are looking for a scissor lift, then you can consider either buying or renting it. Buying it will allow you to use the lift as and when you like whereas renting it will mean you will have to use it for a particular time and return it back. But the advantage with the latter is that you need not spend too much as a nominal fee will be charged for borrowing the lift.

Things to Look for 

Before buying or renting a scissor lift, you will have to make a list of requirements to look for. This includes the height of the lift, the width, whether it has wheels, etc. You have to make sure that all the requirements are met before you buy the machine. You have to ensure that the materials used to make the crane are of a supreme quality and will last a long time.

Financial Impact

Buying scissor lift is affordable for those companies or individual who are financially strong, stable and who have regular working use. Whereas renting a scissor lift is always good option for those companies or individual who don’t require such heavy lifting vehicles on regular basis, Renting a lift helps in looking after at individual’s or company’s cost savings.

As you can see that you can buy or rent scissor lifts to be used by your company.

Rent a Boom Lift for Better Trimming of Trees

Gardening is one of the most pleasurable hobbies in the world. Not only does it help in beautifying your surroundings but also keeps you happy.  But it is not an easy task as trees can be quite tall, thereby making it difficult for you to trim the tops. In such a case, it would be best for you to use a boom lift to trim and maintain your trees.

Boom lifts are great as they combine the utility of a man lift and a scissor lift. You can move it up and down and from side to side. You can easily carry out the activity of gardening without having to worry about being able to reach the very top of the tree.

The boom lift will raise you to the top and help you perform your trimming work. You don’t have to worry about dismounting it and moving it around as all of that is mechanized.

Boomlift for Trimming

Here are Some Criteria to Consider Before Renting a Boom Lift

  • Height 

The overall height that the lift can reach should be considered. This is especially important if you have very tall trees that need to be trimmed.

  • Price 

Price is the next quality to consider while renting a boom lift. Some companies might over charge you for the lift and so, must find out the trending prices before settling for one.

  • Quality 

It is critical for you to check the quality of the lift before renting it. You will have to check if high quality materials have been used to make the lift. You must refuse to take it if it is rusty and badly maintained.

These form the different criteria to consider before renting a boom lift to help trim and maintain your plants.

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Boom and Scissor Lifts are proving Best for Architectural Photography

Photographing buildings and other such structures has been aesthetically pleasing for many. There are patterns and designs to be found in almost every structure. All you need is the correct angle. Architectural photographers have increasingly started using Boom lifts and scissor lifts to get that perfect elevation and angle. Despite there being lesser stability atop the Boom lifts & scissor lifts, photographers are often ready to compromise for the angle they desire. 

Boomslift & Scissor lift


With boom lifts and scissor cranes you can get an elevation of approximately eight to ten meters. This elevation then becomes ideal for the photographers to click bird’s eye view of the structures they intend to shoot. Boom lifts provide users with the best elevation because they offer greater horizontal reach than other aerial platforms. The photographer can change his position without compromising upon the elevation to get the desired angle for the shot. Photography is not about quantity of pictures but the quality. So if the photographer were looking at a building, he wouldn’t want one shot but the perfect shot, which he envisages. Boom lifts & scissor lifts offer good elevation and are even stable due to the carrying rig underneath the crane.


Easy to Rent

Boom lifts & scissor lifts are gaining popularity amongst architectural photographers because now they can easily rent out the crane lifts, which they desire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It was harder before because scissor lifts and boom lifts a while ago were difficult to hire due to its higher rent prices and very less providers in India. Now with growing companies providing lifts on rental, photographers can employ the services of boom lifts and scissor cranes without any difficulties. It prevents burning a hole in the pockets while getting the job done. With the elevation which a crane has on offer photographers improvise a lot. They play around with angles and capture unique and astonishing shots of concrete structures.

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