What Type of Boom Lift Should I Rent? Straight Boom or Articulated Boom?

Globally you might have seen a wide range of high lift equipment at job sites and various other industries. Well, these types of equipment are called Boom Lift, it is used by workers to reach the area to perform activities along with required materials and tools.

There are major two types of boom lift, i.e., Straight Boom and Articulated Boom which can be hired from any boom lift rental services.Boom lift rental services- abcinfra

Straight Boom is the kind of aerial lift equipment whose boom section extent straight. It is also called a stick or telescopic boom because of its appearance. This type of boom lift has the excellent horizontal reach and is thus the ideal for bridge work, construction, entertainment, painting, road building, inspection application and much more. Hiring this straight boom lift will help you to increase your productivity and get the work done quickly.

Articulated Boom is kind of aerial lift equipment having various boom division which is so linked to getting easy access to the work area through barriers or obstacles. Thus, this boom lift is also called a knuckle boom. This type of boom lift is recommended to use where the work area has tight access or difficult to reach. The reason for being used for the congested or tight area is because it has zero tail swing. The zero tail swing means that the far end of the turntable of boom lift doesn’t extend beyond the boundary of the drive chassis while rotating.

There are many boom lift rental services from where you can get boom lift hired for your project to ensure profitability, safely and efficiently. Knowing the application and the best boom lift before you hire is a wise choice and can be considered as half work is done. Thus, choosing the right and healthy boom lift will keep you, your labours and clients happy considering various factors like safety, completion of the project, efficiency, accuracy and much more.

Do You Really Want to Buy that Scissor or Boom Lift? Why Renting is a Better Option.

The height and various other obstacles are the most common issues faced when working on any project related to construction or maintenance. The use of a ladder is not advisable in such a scenario because the work area is at height and/or hard to reach. One or a team of labour requires a stable, uniform and safe platform to perform the activities and get the necessary work done. Lifts such as scissor lift or boom lift are thus suitable for such application.Boomslift & Scissor lift

Scissor lift extends upward with the support of crisscross braces. They are available with a large platform which can carry multiple men along with necessary materials and tools. The designing of this lift is to operate up and down and some can even move horizontally up to a few feet.

On another hand, a boom lift is categorized under the aerial lift which is more flexible than scissor lift. The basic two types of boom lifts are straight lift and articulated lift. These lifts have a hydraulic arm which helps to easily and safely reach the work area.

From the above brief description of lifts, it is understood that there are different lifts for different applications. So, the selection of an appropriate lift for your project or application can result in profitable, efficient and safe. Many companies decide to purchase these lifts when having sufficient projects or finance but forget various other parameters such as the maintenance cost, repairing cost, transportation cost from one site to another cost, and many more.

So, instead of purchasing the lift, it is advised to get scissor lift on rent or boom lift on rent. There are lots of scissor lift rental services and boom lift rental services provider who keep their equipment healthy and upgrade periodically to meet the market requirement and demand. Even they have a team of professional and experienced operators and technicians to carry out maintenance or repairing work.

The safety guidelines for operating the crane

Crane plays an important role in the development or execution of any structure, construction, industry or project. Therefore, to keep the crane healthy, it is must that it should be operated, maintained, and upgraded periodically.Crane Operator Safety

It is sad to know that there were around 220 deaths from the year 2011 to 2015 as per the report from the CFOI (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries).
The most common reasons for the cause of crane accidents or deaths are as follows:-

  • Cranes collapsing or buckling
  • Improper assembly of the crane
  • Inadequate training to the crane operator
  • Mechanical failure
  • Touch with electrical lines and much more.

So, it is important for the crane operator and the supervisor that they should follow safety guidelines strictly. Few of those safety guidelines and tips for safe operation and healthy crane are as follows –

  • Ensure the site is suitable for the crane to operate.
  • Check the basic requirement of the crane, such as oil, gas and the level of other fluids on a daily basis and before you start working.
  • Inspect your crane properly. Just check where there is no crack or damage and all the controls are working properly before starting your activity.
  • Checking the weight of the load which needs to be carried. The operator should be aware of the capacity of the equipment like rope, hardware, etc. and should not exceed the capacity.
  • The load should be controlled and moved smoothly. Avoid swinging of load and many more.
  • So, if you are a crane operator, please be well aware of the operation of crane for better efficiency and safety of yourself and other co-workers. You can even have a crane on rent from crane rental service provider who can provide you operator. These operators are well-aware about the operations, maintenance, and inspection of crane.