Scissor Lift Rental for Media Aerial Photography

A photograph can speak a thousand words. That statement is not an exaggeration, as a picture can emote a lot of feelings.  Although, a camera is not the only requisite to take a great picture, it also depends on the height and angle at which it is taken.

To help with this cause, it is important to make use of a lift that can aid in clicking pictures from a great height. Better known as aerial photography, the photographer is elevated to a great height using a scissor lift.

Scissor Lift

Here are the criteria to consider before renting a scissor lift to serve this particular purpose.


First and foremost, you have to check the maximum height that the lift can reach. You have to be able to adjust it so that you can take the pictures from the desired height. Most of these lifts come with wheels thereby allowing you to set the height and also the position of the lift.


The price of the lift is the next quality to consider. As you know, it is best for you to rent it as compared to buying one since in doing so you can save a lot of money. The company renting the lift will attach a price to the lift based on its brand and quality. You can pick one depending on the utility that you wish to avail from the lift.


It is important for you to settle for a good quality lift. You have to be able to carry out the activity with ease without worrying about tumbling off. You can do a quick inspection before settling on one.

These form the qualities to consider before settling for a scissor lift.

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Scissor lift Buying or Renting Guide

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are some of the most useful equipments that are important for the upkeep of a company’s working standards. These machines are used for a whole host of reasons including stacking pellets, transporting equipment, boxes, etc. They work on a simple hydraulic mechanism. The forked ladder expands and contracts’ thereby, raising and lowering the ladder as per need and convenience. This device is easy to operate as compared to a conventional ladder.

Buying Vs. Renting 

If you are looking for a scissor lift, then you can consider either buying or renting it. Buying it will allow you to use the lift as and when you like whereas renting it will mean you will have to use it for a particular time and return it back. But the advantage with the latter is that you need not spend too much as a nominal fee will be charged for borrowing the lift.

Things to Look for 

Before buying or renting a scissor lift, you will have to make a list of requirements to look for. This includes the height of the lift, the width, whether it has wheels, etc. You have to make sure that all the requirements are met before you buy the machine. You have to ensure that the materials used to make the crane are of a supreme quality and will last a long time.

Financial Impact

Buying scissor lift is affordable for those companies or individual who are financially strong, stable and who have regular working use. Whereas renting a scissor lift is always good option for those companies or individual who don’t require such heavy lifting vehicles on regular basis, Renting a lift helps in looking after at individual’s or company’s cost savings.

As you can see that you can buy or rent scissor lifts to be used by your company.

Rent a Boom Lift for Better Trimming of Trees

Gardening is one of the most pleasurable hobbies in the world. Not only does it help in beautifying your surroundings but also keeps you happy.  But it is not an easy task as trees can be quite tall, thereby making it difficult for you to trim the tops. In such a case, it would be best for you to use a boom lift to trim and maintain your trees.

Boom lifts are great as they combine the utility of a man lift and a scissor lift. You can move it up and down and from side to side. You can easily carry out the activity of gardening without having to worry about being able to reach the very top of the tree.

The boom lift will raise you to the top and help you perform your trimming work. You don’t have to worry about dismounting it and moving it around as all of that is mechanized.

Boomlift for Trimming

Here are Some Criteria to Consider Before Renting a Boom Lift

  • Height 

The overall height that the lift can reach should be considered. This is especially important if you have very tall trees that need to be trimmed.

  • Price 

Price is the next quality to consider while renting a boom lift. Some companies might over charge you for the lift and so, must find out the trending prices before settling for one.

  • Quality 

It is critical for you to check the quality of the lift before renting it. You will have to check if high quality materials have been used to make the lift. You must refuse to take it if it is rusty and badly maintained.

These form the different criteria to consider before renting a boom lift to help trim and maintain your plants.

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ABC Infra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is leading crane rental service provider in India. Offering rentals and hiring services of cranes, boom lift, scissor lift in India.

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Boom and Scissor Lifts are proving Best for Architectural Photography

Photographing buildings and other such structures has been aesthetically pleasing for many. There are patterns and designs to be found in almost every structure. All you need is the correct angle. Architectural photographers have increasingly started using Boom lifts and scissor lifts to get that perfect elevation and angle. Despite there being lesser stability atop the Boom lifts & scissor lifts, photographers are often ready to compromise for the angle they desire. 

Boomslift & Scissor lift


With boom lifts and scissor cranes you can get an elevation of approximately eight to ten meters. This elevation then becomes ideal for the photographers to click bird’s eye view of the structures they intend to shoot. Boom lifts provide users with the best elevation because they offer greater horizontal reach than other aerial platforms. The photographer can change his position without compromising upon the elevation to get the desired angle for the shot. Photography is not about quantity of pictures but the quality. So if the photographer were looking at a building, he wouldn’t want one shot but the perfect shot, which he envisages. Boom lifts & scissor lifts offer good elevation and are even stable due to the carrying rig underneath the crane.


Easy to Rent

Boom lifts & scissor lifts are gaining popularity amongst architectural photographers because now they can easily rent out the crane lifts, which they desire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It was harder before because scissor lifts and boom lifts a while ago were difficult to hire due to its higher rent prices and very less providers in India. Now with growing companies providing lifts on rental, photographers can employ the services of boom lifts and scissor cranes without any difficulties. It prevents burning a hole in the pockets while getting the job done. With the elevation which a crane has on offer photographers improvise a lot. They play around with angles and capture unique and astonishing shots of concrete structures.

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ABC Infra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is leading crane rental service provider in India. Offering rentals and hiring services of cranes, boom lift, scissor lift in India.

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Know All Cranes Used for Construction Today

Cranes are used for heavy machinery lowering and lifting up of heavy equipment’s during construction work. A crane is basically a tower, which is equipped with chains and pulleys. The crane is a powerful and a complex machine that requires a trained operator for its hazard-free functioning. Since cranes come under heavy machinery, they are very expensive to purchase.

Today one can hire a crane or purchase it on a contractual basis. There are several companies who offer the services of their cranes to people looking to rent them out. There are many different kinds of cranes that are used in the construction industry today.


  • Mobile Crane – The most common type of crane. It has a telescopic boom a top a mobile platform. The boom is usually mounted on a cat truck for easier mobility of the crane. The boom is hinged at bottom to enable lifting and lowering operations with the help oh hydraulics.
  • Tower Crane – These are firmly fixed into the ground and rise up to whooping 100 meters or more. They are ideally designed to deliver greater power and balance during lifting and lowering operations. Tower cranes are used in the construction of tall buildings.
  • Loader Crane – It is essentially employed to load cargo on trucks. It is a hydraulic powered crane with an arm that is fitted to the trailer. When not in use the arm can be folded into sections thus not taking much space in the cargo rig.
  • Rough Terrain Crane – These are cranes designed for off road functioning. The crane is mounted on an undercarriage with four big rubber wheels. The outriggers can be extended both vertically and horizontally. This provides the crane with additional balance while lifting heavy equipment’s.
  • Marine Cranes – Often used on shores or on marine vessels. These are deployed to place heavy cargo onto ships and also lower smaller vessels like boats in the ocean.

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ABC Infra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is leading crane rental service provider in India. Offering rentals and hiring services of cranes, boom lift, scissor lift in India.

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Safety Measures to be Taken by Crane Operator

Crane operators are in command of powerful multi-million dollar machines. These machines are capable of lifting tons and therefore largely reduce human labor. While using such heavy machinery, it becomes paramount for the crane operator to deploy every security and safety measure available during the lifting operation.

Every year many lives are lost to crane mishaps in addition to the loss of time, resources and property. The aim should be to maximize efficiency and reduce risks. In order to effectively utilize a crane, the operator should follow the required safety measures.

Crane Operator Safety

Know your machine

It is no easy feat to handle a big crane. It requires a specific technical know-how. Familiarize yourself with the crane’s computer and levers before operating one. 

Read the conditions well

The crane operator should be aware of his surroundings during the lifting procedure. Everything from the terrain to the weather should be known to the operator. The carne should always lift on a stable and firm ground to prevent the crane from capsizing.  The operator should be aware of all possible hazards in order to successfully evade any unwanted accident.   

No Distractions

While operating the crane, the operator should not let his mind wander for even a second. As soon s the crane keys are in, the mobile phone should be switched off. Double check the crane’s gas, oil and other fluid level indicators. Watch out for any overhead electricity cables. 

Repair and Maintenance

All cranes should undergo repair and maintenance before starting with a new project. This is because like any other machine, the crane wears out little by little after each successive lifting. Hence it needs to be fully functional before employment. Regular servicing is a must. Check your crane for mechanical, electrical, structural, and hydraulic issues (MESH) before lifting.

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ABC Infra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is leading crane rental service provider in India. Offering rentals and hiring services of cranes, boom lift, scissor lift in India.

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Make Tough Jobs Easier by Hiring a Crane on Rental

Cranes are the solution to all your lifting woes out there. Be it installing a huge billboard or setting yourself a gazebo, having the services of a crane at your disposal makes the job a hundred times easier by reducing time and human labour.

Cranes are powerfully built and super heavy machinery. It is no surprise that it takes no less than a fortune to purchase one. Don’t worry because now cranes are being offered for hiring on a rental basis. Yes, now you can rent out the big machines without shooting a hole in your pockets. Machines were essentially designed to cut back on human labour. Setting up the roof or walls, cranes have a role in every building project today.

Here is why you should rent out a crane if you have a heavy and a tough lifting operation to perform.

Crane Rental

  • The crane often comes along with a trained and experienced operator who knows all the nuances of the big machinery.
  • You don’t have to worry about the maintenance or the servicing of the crane you hire. It is the company’s job to keep the crane in optimal condition.
  • You get a variety of cranes to choose from. Hydraulic cranes, Boom lift cranes, scissor cranes, crawler cranes and all other kinds are readily available for hiring. Choose the one that is best suited for your job.
  • If you are not a builder, purchasing a crane is not a very good idea. If not used regularly, the crane would become a liability. Rentals are cheap and easy. You don’t even require a license to rent out a crane since it comes along with a professional operator. You could rent out the big machines for a hundredth if no less of its actual cost.

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ABC Infra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is leading crane rental service provider in India. Offering rentals and hiring services of cranes, boom lift, scissor lift in India.

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How to Safely Operate and Maneuver a Bobcat® Skid-Steer Loader?

Whenever you make your search as Skid steer loader rental India, there are many rental companies and independent operators that provide such service. The skid steer loader can be used in various sectors where the demand arises. Bobcat is one of the brand namesthat offer fantastic selection of high quality skid steer loader at very competitive price. With varied model, size, design and working capabilities these machines can withstand harsh challenges at job site.

Skid steers can be utilized for multiple applications, whether it is removing snow or catering to the customized landscaping needs or general construction project needs, taking Skid steer loader rental services will prove very handy. Being compact, these machines passes through all nooks and corners of industrial, commercial and residential projects where heavy work constantly takes place. The rental companies those are dealing with these services are charging the clients either on monthly basis or on yearly basis. Therefore, taking the rental service of these machines can help you to save quite a bit of money while ensuring that the job is done in a timely and efficient manner.
These machines are having rigid frame and studded with high powered engine with lifting arms that are broadly used to affix a large diversity of labor saving tools. The working mechanism of the skid loaders is based on its working functionality of four wheels that are independent to each other. In simple words, left side drive wheels are independent of right side drive wheels. Of which it increases the wheel speed as well as the direction of rotation of the wheels. Therefore, it will determine in which direction the skid steer loader has to turn.
Benefits of Skid Steer Loader Hire India
• Speedy working module
• Consumes less time to finish the job effectively
• Saves lots of money as well as valuable time
• Eliminate tiredness
• Reduces human effort and dependency on labour
The skid steer loader also has a ramp with which it carries and transfer the material from one place to another. These wonderful skid loaders can do all most all types of tiring jobs in no time. These days, finding out the top-quality skid steer loaders is much easier and you’ll find many rental companies providing these services at affordable price.
Therefore, choosing the Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Rental service is not at all a chaotic issue thesedays. You can search them over the wide-spread Internet and reach them with your needs. The rest of the job will be done by them. There are plenty of establishments out there in the market those are offering these services at economical price so make your search precisely and reach them with your needs.

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How Does A Crawler Crane Work?

A Crawler crane is a track-based vehicle that has a crane contraption appended to it. These cranes have the capacity to deal with delicate ground because of the weight dispersal properties of the tracks. A crawler crane is made steadier by the steel tracks and can lift significantly more weight than an elastic tire-outfitted model with the same crane connection.

The premise for a crawler crane is the track drive framework. The persistent track framework is in view of a late 1800s design. The wide steel tracks permit the crane to work on much gentler ground than an elastic tire-prepared crane. The tracks additionally permit much more prominent solidness because of the expanded ground contact. An advantage of a crawler crane is that it is flexibility and versatile while on a job site. People can get Crawler crane on rent from various crane website.



Crawler Cranes can use to lift objects and gain mechanical benefits. It is utilized in the balance-style crane. The beam of crane is consistent at the fulcrum, permitting it to lift huge things with less force. The second way a hydraulic Crawler crane may lifts things is by use of a hydraulic cylinder in powering a jib or balance.

Some crawler cranes are large to the point that they must be dismantled and moved starting with one occupation site then onto the next by truck or via train. The enormous size and weight permits the biggest crawler cranes to lift stacks as extraordinary as 3,500 tons to gigantic statures and after that move them into position. This enormous size, then again, accompanies an expense. The expense is the trouble in transporting the crane.

The crawler crane is made out of different parts. The tracks and drive framework shape the premise of the machine. On top of the tracks sits the motor, control range and the taxi. Ascending high over the taxi cab is the blast. The links keep running up through the blast and join to the article to be lifted. Regularly a crane will have a little augmentation on the end of the blast that stands out evenly from the blast. This is known as the jib and permits the crane to move questions encourage far from its inside.

Issues with the crawler crane

There are issues with the crawler crane, one of the best being its big size. One of the elements that permit a crawler crane to lift such tremendous burdens is a stabilizer. A part of the bigger crawler crane stabilizer gatherings weigh as much as a few hundred tons. Numerous crawler cranes have blasts that achieve a few hundred feet noticeable all around. Such reach and lift abilities make the machines ideal for expansive construction projects. If you would like to hire the crawler crane, you can find Crawler crane for sale online.

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Why To Get A Crane Operator Certification?

Each work requires aptitudes which will be utilized to offer the right quality of service. With regards to working with cranes, the prerequisite is much more than needed. This is because an authority must be exceptionally talented and affirmed. Through this, the specialists are affirmed after they have finished various tests. In this situation, while searching for crane services. certification, a person needs to have obtained certain qualifications.

Certified Crane Operator

Crane operators are obliged to be ensured by an outsider training office or a qualified coach through their superintendent, as per the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). These certification necessities are for operators of articulating, overhead, tower and mobile cranes.

There are such a large number of varieties of cranes, for example,

  • The overhead track mounted
  • Commercial truck mounted crane
  • Wheel mounted cranes with hydraulic or telescopic booms
  • Crawler cranes
  • Under-hung and monorail cranes

A crane operator must know how to individual these overwhelming machines skillfully and carefully and address all the difficulties he may face at the same time effectively. This does not occur incidentally, nor is anyone conceived with such aptitudes. One needs to obtain the ability and be prepared in overseeing cranes. Such training and authorization can be received by enlisting into crane certification projects offered at specific institutions which will help you achieve that level of capability.

While enlisting in such a course do verify that your educational program incorporates all dimensions of crane operation, for example,

  • On-Site Equipment Movement
  • Advanced Operational Techniques
  • Crane Safety
  • Computer Aids
  • Operations And Communication
  • Machine Power Flow
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Telescopic Boom Assembly And Disassembly
  • Load Dynamics And Load Charts

Before the approval is awarded, the operator will be obliged to experience an extraordinary training. This gives them the ability to comprehend distinctive concepts in a wide way. The classes are then trailed by down to earth lessons. A person will likewise be obliged to sit for an exam. This helps to get the best professional in the job.

A perfect overwhelming equipment training school will be focused on giving help to young people who wish to further their prospects in the field of substantial equipment operations. Basically, Crane rental services in India. are widely popular.  It is basic that you pick a training institute that is nationally affirmed and certify. Such institutes grant education that is reasonable, thorough and employment arranged. They likewise give work arrangement help consistently catch up the advancement of their understudies put in occupations. Once you restricted down your decision to an institute you wish to be a part of getting to your objective shouldn’t be troublesome.

So, you can get job in Crane rental services in India.if you have crane certificate as well as experience in this field. You will get great opportunity from many Crane rental companies. Achieve your success!!

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